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Online sales have skyrocketed and it’s expected that they will continue to be the “new normal” after the pandemic.  Additionally, lawsuits over website accessibility have become much more prevalent, jumping from 815 suits filed in 2017 to around 3000 in 2019.  Here’s what you need to know about website accessibility compliance to make sure your company doesn’t become involved in expensive litigation.    What is Website Acce...
Icon clock 18 November 2020

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SUMMARY Lawsuits and demand letters relating to the accessibility of websites continue to be filed at a rapid pace in 2020, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumer reliance on th...
Icon clock 09 October 2020
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As the September and October deadlines to file 2019 taxes rush by, it is important for business owners to start considering how they can maximize their 2020 tax benefits. With much of Southern Cali...
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The U.S. Court Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has longstanding precedent that only businesses with a brick and mortar location that customers can physically visit are “public accommodations” covered...
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