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The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and comparable state laws have allowed disabled Americans to more fully participate in society, ensuring that businesses provide access that otherwise was entirely absent in earlier eras. Through a staggered series of compliance steps over the past nearly 30 years, through lawsuits by plaintiffs and enforcement by government, businesses by and large are aware of their obligat...
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On Monday, October 7, 2019, the US Supreme Court denied the Domino’s Pizza’s request to review the Ninth Circuit’s decision holding that Domino’s must make its website accessible to persons with vi...
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The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Domino’s Pizza Monday after a federal appellate court ruled that a blind customer can sue the chain under the Americans with Disabilities Act aft...
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KEY POINTS The Supreme Court denied a petition from pizza giant Domino’s on Monday to hear whether its website is required to be accessible to the disabled, leaving in place a lower court decisi...
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