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With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing most people to either shelter in place or severely limit their outside activities, people everywhere are online more than ever.  As a result, website accessibility lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act are expected to sharply increase. Title III of the ADA requires places of public accommodation with websites (including retail businesses) to ensure that their websites are acce...
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E. M. Forster’s book “Howard’s End” begins with the brief epigraph, “Only connect….” The words become more significant as we deal with the impact of COVID-19 and how we connect. Most companies are ...
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This is going to be an unusual blog because most of it will be in a footnote of sorts. The legal part of the blog is easy. If your business wants to avoid getting sued under the ADA because of an i...
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By Daryn Harpaz, ZenythGroup, and Carl Mueller, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC During this global health pandemic and the resulting COVID-19 Stay-At-Home orders, people are spending more time online t...
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