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ZenythGroup is an accessibility focused software development company. We differentiate with a deep expertise in ADA website accessibility and compliance by helping companies identify, remedy and support their accessible digital platforms. ZenythGroup is a mission-driven organization fueled by the belief that technology should be inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities.

Did you know that ADA compliance related lawsuits are becoming more successful as Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act now pertains to business websites in the private sector?

# One in four U.S. adults—over 61 million Americans - have a disability.

# 40 percent of adults age 65 and up have one or more disabilities.

# By 2035, there will be 78 million adults over 65.

# People with disabilities spend a colossal half-trillion dollars annually.

# 73% of disabled users are unable to complete basic transactions on the websites they visit.

# 82 percent say they would return often and spend more with a company that provides an accessible online experience.

Website compliance is important to avoid a lawsuit or government action, but it’s also as important to provide an equal opportunity for people to enjoy your goods or services regardless of their ability.
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“We needed a website developer who was an expert in creating an accessible web platform. We found that partner in Zenyth. During the web development process, the Zenyth team ensured that the choices we made around color, font, sizing, and complexity could be viewed and understood by people of all abilities. Zenyth finished the project on time and on budget. Zenyth understood us and the Galt mission to serve.”
Nancy Geenan
Galt Foundation
”ZenythGroup was the best choice. The team worked with me throughout the process; providing guidance when I was lacking a vision, offering content when the right words didn’t seem to materialize and developing a site of which I am very proud, and most importantly, my customers ‘get’ what we do and the product and services we offer. Zenyth Group far exceeded my expectations.”
Stacy Sagowitz, RDN, SNS
Food Safety Systems
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