We help businesses across different industries resolve their accessibility challenges by providing the right set of services that can meet their business needs and the needs of their customers.

We help businesses across different industries resolve their accessibility challenges by providing the right set of services that can meet their business needs and the needs of their customers.

  • eCommerce / Retail

    Retailers must provide accommodations for shoppers with disabilities. We offer ADA website and mobile app audit services for e-Commerce and retail businesses, including Shopify merchants.

    According to the precedent being set by recent ADA website class action lawsuits, online retailers are being legally required to provide accommodations for shoppers with disabilities. While the law was enacted primarily to focus on obstacles at physical locations, it’s now being applied to websites and mobile apps. And even though federal disability laws still await comprehensive updates to keep pace with the digital world, disability case law has played a major role in setting precedent for how the ADA applies to the internet.

    As an online retailer, you may not be aware of how many potential customers leave your site due to accessibility challenges. Your customers with disabilities might encounter numerous issues from not being able to see the details of a product due to low vision or identify a product because your images are missing alt text. And just as you would remove any physical barriers blocking access to your place of business, it’s equally important to remove digital barriers that can prevent people with access needs from using your website or mobile app.

    Over the last seven years, we have worked with retail and e-commerce organizations to ensure their websites and mobile apps are accessible. If you're an online retail business, becoming accessible will give you peace of mind because it will reduce your legal liability. Furthermore, it will improve the overall user experience and statistically support an increase in the conversion of website and mobile traffic into more sales and loyal customers.

  • Education

    We work with educational institutions to update their systems to help them be accessible to students of all abilities.

    As an educational institution, you may not be aware of how many of your students are at a disadvantage due to accessibility challenges. Your students with disabilities might encounter numerous issues that impede their ability to focus on learning. These issues could affect students with physical, visual and/or auditory disabilities.

    Updating and maintaining your websites, documents and mobile applications to be accessible for your students, parents and staff is critical because it will support your ability to deliver the best educational experience to your community. Becoming ADA compliant is about more than decreasing your institution's legal liability, it's about inclusion and equal opportunity. We're excited to support your school's efforts to meet the needs of your students with disabilities through our website accessibility services.

  • Financial Services

    The growing prevalence of managing our finances online also means financial institutions need their technology to meet accessibility compliance standards. We want to help people with disabilities enjoy this convenience by partnering with financial institutions in need of accessibility remediation support.

    The convenience of being able to deposit a check, submit a loan application or purchase life insurance are just a few of the many conveniences now offered online by financial institutions throughout the world. It should be just as easy to do for people with disabilities as it is for those without disabilities to access and enjoy these new technological conveniences. We have the team and expertise to assist your financial institution with implementing accessibility at every phase of a project, whether it be at the stages of concept and iteration, the initial build or a finalized project that needs to be audited and remedied.

    Keep in mind, we can help address the accessibility of the following digital assets for your financial institution:

    • Websites and web applications
    • Software applications
    • Electronic documents

    If you're a financial institution, we'd love to be your partner in updating, building and maintaining your accessible fintech solutions. As your financial institution strives to integrate new technology to improve the use and delivery of your various offerings to consumers, it's critical your team designs and builds with accessibility in mind at every stage. You can consider us an extension of your current team when you choose to partner with us.

  • Healthcare

    We work with healthcare service providers to update and maintain their digital assets so patients with disabilities are able to review insurance claims, access health records, make appointments and so much more.

    Dealing with health issues is already a big enough challenge for patients with disabilities. Adding accessibility challenges like checking in at a kiosk, applying for health insurance online or finding a healthcare provider, adds unnecessary stress to patients with disabilities. Furthermore, we can only imagine the heavy demand of time and energy it takes to effectively manage a healthcare service. Working with businesses within the healthcare industry is important to us because the consequences of not being accessible are so high for all parties relying on and providing these services.

    With more than seven years of working with businesses across multiple industries, including healthcare, we're confident in our ability to help healthcare businesses achieve and maintain accessibility across their digital assets.

  • Hospitality / Travel

    We’re here to support the efforts of businesses in the hospitality and travel industry to update and maintain the accessibility of their websites and mobile apps for their customers.

    For people with disabilities, traveling is a great opportunity to feel connected with the world and, oftentimes, traveling reminds them that there's more to life than just dealing with the daily challenges of having a disability. Businesses within the hospitality and travel industry play a big role in this experience. Depending on the level of accessibility of their websites, mobile applications and other digital assets, traveling can turn out to be a very frustrating experience for people with disabilities. As convenient as new technologies and the web have made it possible to plan and book excursions throughout the world, a person with a disability will struggle to book a plane ticket, print a boarding pass or make a hotel reservation if those websites or mobile applications aren't accessible.

    Becoming accessible will drastically improve the overall user experience and conversion of website and mobile traffic. The hospitality and travel industry is all about creating long-lasting, positive memories. Partnering with our team to improve the accessibility of your digital assets will help your business increase the community of loyal customers who'll turn to you to meet their travel needs.

  • Public Sector

    We’re proud to be an invaluable partner to organizations and vendors within the public sector.

    Accessibility within the public sector applies to both employees with disabilities as well as citizens with disabilities. There's a heavy reliance by both employees and citizens on the websites, mobile applications, software and hardware tied to the organizations within this industry. For many organizations within the public sector, it's a challenge to keep up with the demand of updating outdated websites and mobile applications. That's why it's critical to find accessibility experts who have the experience and team to meet this growing demand.

    According to the World Health Organization, the number of people living with disability is increasing, in part due to ageing populations and an increase in chronic health conditions. The public sector plays a vital role in helping the needs of this growing population be met throughout society. It's important that businesses and organizations within and connected to the public sector work towards accessibility today. Doing so will support an increase of more citizens experiencing a higher quality of life.

  • Technology

    If you offer software as a service, we’d love to work with you to ensure your software is accessible to people with disabilities.

    When websites, applications, technologies, or tools are designed without accessibility in mind, they can create barriers that exclude people with disabilities from using them. We believe website and software design and development is better when accessibility standards and best practices are included throughout the process. For many web and software designers and developers, accessibility hasn't been at the top of your list when it comes to the process for building software and websites.

    As website accessibility experts with years of experience in this area, we're here to become an extension of your current team. As a reliable partner, we can help your projects meet accessibility standards by either fully managing code remediation or providing your internal team with remediation oversight and consulting services to help implement and maintain WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

    As we work together, our intention is to help the members of your team increase their skill set and ability to implement accessibility best practices throughout any project. The goal is to help you continue to build better digital assets that remain accessible once an appropriate level of ADA compliance is achieved.

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