Mobile Apps

ZenythGroup Produces the Highest-Quality Mobile Apps in the industry
ZenythGroup is a full-service agency that delivers robust mobile apps created using the best practices in the industry. We are a strong and talented team of designers, programmers, and full-stack developers that utilize only the most effective techniques in strategy, design and marketing best practices.
We Believe That the Process Predicts Success

We use industry-wide and proven Agile methodologies to make sure that your mobile app solution is delivered on time and on target. By using Agile techniques, we break down your project into smaller deliverables. This allows us to both keep you informed as well as get your continued feedback on the project. The end result is that your mobile app is delivered on time, with exacting features and target demographics intact.

Mobile Apps Are the Key to New Markets

Mobile apps are the fastest growing segment of the digital spectrum today. Mobile applications let you reach the broadest possible audience through app downloads while exploring the revenue potential in these expanding markets. Mobile apps can lead to your success.
We Deliver for Apple App Store, Android, and Private Distribution.

Our talented team can deliver your mobile app for any number of distribution targets, including the Apple App Store, Android, and private distribution. We can also develop on the platform of your choice. Some of our customers want native app solutions that leverage all of the power and capability that a given platform has to offer.

Other customers target a cross-platform solution that allows for the widest possible target reach spanning device families. This allows for the fastest possible delivery to multiple platforms while allowing for maximum flexibility for future device inclusion without a major new project requirement. Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to deliver your project as a best-in-class solution. And if you aren't sure which approach is best for you, let ZenythGroup guide you through our fast-paced, focused sessions that will both explain and enlighten as we answer that question.
We Future Proof Your New Apps

Through the use of best practices, continued input, and newest development technology, we work hard to make sure that your mobile app solution has future scalability and feature improvement built into it. The mobile world moves almost as fast as business itself does, and we won't give our customers any design that doesn't allow for future improvements and expansion. That's only part of what we do.
We Believe in WCAG 2.0 Best Practices

Today's mobile world is empowering users in a way that has never existed before. We use the four WCAG principles of being perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust to make sure that everyone is able to use your mobile app for direct access to you.
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