Internet Marketing

One of the biggest hurdles we face when developing a website is, well, getting users to the site. Designing the site is one thing but it is key to develop a marketing plan to actually get users to the site.

We at ZenythGroup specialize in Search Engine Marketing by optimizing your web page to drive free traffic from search engines, increase visits from PPC advertising, and make your page easier to read by search engine crawlers to increase your rank with SERPS.
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Working with ZenythGroup means working with a highly skilled team that covers all facets of the online marketing process. Our team works in real-time, with data that is current, to optimize performance and integrate best practices to guarantee increased performance and results. For ZenythGroup, SEO is a long-term plan to ethically increase rankings, have consumers find you before the competition and maintain those rankings.

We achieve this by optimizing your website, embedding keywords correctly and at the right density and using relevant headers and footers to capture search engine crawlers easier. We also use Metadata to get your site picked up by these search engines. This data is considered to be "hidden" but often used in search engine algorithms.
At ZenythGroup we put the work in to get your site noticed first by partnering with other quality websites through link building. This labor intensive process cannot be automated and greatly increases traffic to your page. We personally reach out to those quality sites to embed keyword rich links to your page. We also specialize in social media integration. We can identify opportunities that exist on social media platforms and embed quality links to drive traffic to your site.
Our SEO/SEM process constantly provides new data that our team reacts to and optimizes to keep your rankings high which drives traffic, increases business and keeps you competitive. We do this by managing site-wide title and meta tags regularly, expanding keywords based on search engine crawler data, reviewing Webmaster tools and Google analytics, keeping up with Google algorithms and constantly building business and directory listings. This constant process provides at 360 degree approach to digital marketing.
At ZenythGroup we focus on developing the right marketing plan for your individual needs. We use technology to drive SEO to get you increased traffic which in-turn increases sales and customer base, Contact us today to develop your plan.