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Fusion Middle East provides the security investors need to establish their business within Qatar or the UAE, offering reliable support and service that allows their clients to evolve and develop, encouraging them to succeed, and supporting them in their ambition.

Perfectly positioned to act as a local partner for international companies looking to set up business in Qatar and the UAE, Fusion Middle East offers customized solutions, mitigating risks faced by their clients, while paving a secure path towards success.

Established in 2010, Fusion Middle East is a 100% Qatari-owned company, founded by CEO, John Forde, allowing them to act as a local partner within each newly set-up limited liability company (LLC), representing the role of local sponsor, creating greater safety and security for the foreign company’s investment.

Build a CMS-driven site that is search engine optimized, fast-loading, responsive and scalable to grow as the business needs evolve. 

ZenythGroup built a dynamic CMS-driven site that is search engine optimized, responsive across mobile devices and leverages a Content Delivery Network for fast-loading pages and enhanced site performance. 

ZenythGroup leveraged the WordPress platform for CMS capabilities and developed a completely custom theme to support the brand guidelines and design criteria. By improving navigation, page layout and overall user experience and by implementing the latest web technologies such as Parallax, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS to key page elements, we were able to create a gorgeous, modern, agency-quality website that truly reflects the professional nature of the organization.

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