ZenythGroup: Developing Tech-Driven E-commerce Websites Securely
Experts agree the future of retail is moving steadily towards E-commerce. With over 20 percent growth year over year, e-commerce websites are spelling the end for traditional brick and mortar retailers. ZenythGroup offers tech- based solutions for your e-commerce and mobile needs.

So, what is e-commerce? E-commerce is defined as a commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet. These transactions can occur on a computer and on mobile platforms. Our e-commerce website design allows consumers to connect to your products effectively across the globe. ur powerful technology and innovation makes e-business simple; just point and click to send items into your shopping cart electronically and complete the transaction safely.
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It is important to choose a developer with powerful tech and platforms and although WordPress started as a blogging platform it quickly grew to one of the largest platforms to create and manage websites. It is the most popular CMS to date with over 25 percent of all websites being powered by its software. WordPress e-commerce is also considered some of the safest software which has lead to its popularity.

ZenythGroup also uses Ruby on Rails programs to offer the simplest, most intelligible frameworks for e-commerce websites. From simple beginnings, R R has become the most popular open-source platform with developers. ur full-stack of tech has the reach and depth to tackle any project and align with your timeline and budget. ZenythGroup's strong team of designers work with a robust tech stack such as CSS 3, WordPress, HTML 5, Jira, Magento, Javascript, PHP 7, Chef, MYSQL, Vagrant, Node and AWS. With these vast resources you can be sure that ZenythGroup is your go-to solution for technology driven web and mobile applications.
With all of this robust technology at our disposal, ZenythGroup has so much to offer our rapid prototyping brings our web development and custom software to you faster. We bring personalized solutions to help perfect the art of storytelling. ZenythGroup's full-stack of experts adheres to marketing best practices to accomplish the best brand strategies to help our customers find their niche and reach the apex of success.
We accomplish this by our thorough start to finish process.

You can be sure that ZenythGroup will be in your corner from initial branding to web development to mobile applications. Our approach is similar to a unique agency approach without the agency prices which helps your bottom line!
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It goes without mention that ZenythGroup is also WCAG 2.0 compliant. This international standard is highly important when choosing a developer and we'll be ready if and when WCAG 2.1 compliance is released. our strong team of developers will help you reach your full potential by offering a full-stack of the best tech, a start to finish development process, and extremely competitive prices to help your bottom line. ZenythGroup has everything you need, start to finish.