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Brand Strategy

One of the toughest points on a businesses marketing checklist is the brand strategy. If you do not know who your target audience is and - more importantly - can't connect with them emotionally, then you are losing out on easily attainable revenue for your business. It is often said that good brands are well known, but great brands are well loved. Let us help you build a brand that will be loved by all current and future customers for your next project.

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are 100's of emotionally motivating factors that drive customer behavior. The most successful and well-known businesses out there are driven not by sheer customer satisfaction, but by the ability to fulfill a customer's emotional needs. Most human decisions are made based on emotion, so it only makes sense that the branding of your company be built around making an emotional connection. Zenyth Group works to incorporate emotional branding strategies into your next web design or marketing project.

Our team will ensure your branding strategy creates an emotional connection at all levels:

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Logo Design
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Website Design
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Marketing and Advertisements
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Customer Experience

Emotional Connections

When measuring the lifetime value of a customer, emotional connections are nearly twice as important as simply catering to customer satisfaction. Because branding strategy is so important, it is imperative that you understand the importance of this, and let our team of experts at Zenyth Group help you with a successful branding strategy that creates an emotional appeal.

Multiple behavioral science studies over the last decade have shown that in order to affect customers decision making to which products and services they use, you must appeal to them on an emotional level.

What are some of the top emotional factors that Zenyth Group considers when building a branding strategy for your next project?

•The desire to feel special and unique
•Customers want to perceive the future as better than the past
•Feel a sense of freedom and thrill
•Security: They want to feel that what they have today will still be there tomorrow
•Fulfill a desire of self-improvement

WCAG Compliance

Additionally, when developing a new brand for your company, all work done by Zenyth Group is fully WCAG compliant. WCAG - short for Website Content Accessibility Guidelines - is a set of guidelines that improves the accessibility of your website and helps make sure your online presence is accessible to all users. WCAG is especially useful when building a brand as it puts a major emphasis on understanding your users and target audience.
Zenyth Group has extensive experience in working with WCAG, existing brands, and creating new brands. Contact us today to see how we can help create a new brand or elevate your current brand!
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