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Accessible Media Content

WCAG Standards for Pre-Recorded Media Content

  Transcript (including auditory and visual content) Captions Audio Description (if visual content not in audio) Sign Language
Audio-only A 1.2.1      
Video-only A 1.2.1 (transcript or audio track)
AAA 1.2.8
  A 1.2.1 (audio track or transcript)  
Video with Audio AAA 1.2.8 A 1.2.2 A 1.2.3 (audio description or transcript)
AA 1.2.5
AAA 1.2.7
AAA 1.2.6

WCAG Standards for Live Media Content

  Transcript Captions Audio Description Sign Language
Audio-only AAA 1.2.9 (live stream or accurate transcript when live)      
Video with Audio   AA 1.2.4    

Tips and Tricks

  • You may consider linking to the video on YouTube or Vimeo instead of providing it on your own site. Currently, a link to the video does not have the same ADA compliance/responsibility as hosting/embedding the video on your own site.
  • You may upload your video to YouTube and create automated ‘craptions’ that can then be polished for accuracy. We call them ‘craptions’ because YouTube’s AI tends to produce ‘crappy’ captions, but these can be used as a great starting point. The ‘craptions’ can be manually cleaned for spelling and grammatical errors, then used as accurate captions.
  • A video that has been automatically captioned in YouTube has a starter text transcript available. Below the YouTube video, select the kabob menu and select 'Show Transcript'. A Transcript panel will open to the right of the video. You may toggle timestamps off and on from inside the kabob menu. Copy and paste the automated transcripts into a text editor and clean up the dialog, add speaker identification and visual information descriptions.
  • To quickly transcribe videos, open an MS Word Document and turn on Dictation. Then open the video with a local video player and hit Play. The dictation will pretty accurately transcribe the dialog and give you a great starter for a transcript. Just clean up the dialog, add speaker identification and visual information descriptions.

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