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Food Safety Systems was founded in 2001 by Stacy Sagowitz, a former school food service director, to help ease the burden of food safety and sanitation requirements in K-12 schools in southern California.

Food Safety Systems (FSS) provides and implements a standardized food safety program across all K-12 child nutrition sites. The program includes:

* Regularly scheduled site visits to all district food service kitchens
* Food safety and sanitation assessments
* On-site training that meets USDA requirements for continuing education
* ServSafe training
* Tools to maintain best practices and regulations mandated by Federal, state and local jurisdictions.

Food Safety Systems are highly trained, certified professionals who possess the experience, industry knowledge and process to ensure that you have cleaner kitchens, functional staff trained in food code and safety practices, and significantly improved code reports.


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Stacy Sagowitz, RDN, SNS

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