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In the U.S., apart from federal, state, and local government websites which must meet Section 508 regulations, there are no enforceable ADA legal standards to follow for website accessibility. However, just because there is no straightforward set of legal requirements for website accessibility does not mean that your business will not be presented with a lawsuit. This has understandably raised alarm. Most countries provide ...
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Complaints are new frontier in federal disability litigation, typically detailing roadblocks for ‘screen reader’ tools that read content aloud Businesses with websites that can’t be ...
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On Dec. 13, a blind Manhattan resident named Henry Tucker filed federal lawsuits against 10 art galleries, saying their websites were not accessible to people who could not see. The galleries’ na...
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Those embracing disability and inclusion best practices are financially outperforming companies that don't. Every company wants to perform better than its competition. Since the late 1990s, leaders...
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Domino’s Pizza must make its website and mobile app accessible to blind people using screen-reading software, the Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday. Guillermo Robles, a blind man, filed a federal lawsuit...
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