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In the U.S., apart from federal, state, and local government websites which must meet Section 508 regulations, there are no enforceable ADA legal standards to follow for website accessibility. However, just because there is no straightforward set of legal requirements for website accessibility does not mean that your business will not be presented with a lawsuit. This has understandably raised alarm. Most countries provide ...
Icon clock 28 February 2019

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Domino’s Pizza must make its website and mobile app accessible to blind people using screen-reading software, the Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday. Guillermo Robles, a blind man, filed a federal lawsuit...
Icon clock 16 January 2019
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2018 web accessibility-related Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit highlights: ADA web accessibility-related lawsuits exploded with a 181% increase in 2018 over 2017. In 2017, there were ...
Icon clock 12 January 2019
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The Senate passed the 21st Century IDEA Act, giving agencies one year to improve citizens’ digital experiences. Federal agencies will soon be required by law to provide better digital experiences...
Icon clock 12 January 2019
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ADA compliance increases your target audience ADA compliance enhances your online reputation ADA compliance means overall better website usability ADA compliance improves your SEO efforts ...
Icon clock 20 December 2018